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China supplier Genuine Motorcycle Parts Bearing Radial Ball TNT for Honda Spacy 110 with Great quality

Product Description

Genuine Motorcycle Parts Bearing Radial Ball for Honda Spacy 110

Product Specification:

Product Name Bearing Radial Ball TNT
Item No. 91005-GFM-901-M1
Model HONDA CZPT 110 Spacy 110 WH110T-2
Displacement 110cc
Size Normal Standard
Quality Guarantee 12 Months(Testing before delivery)
Delivery Within 30-45 days after deposit received
Packing  Neutral packing or As customer requirement,
blank packing
Payment Term T/T

Honda Model:
We are the leading exporter of Motorcycle Parts from China. We have all kinds of spare parts. If you want to purchase spare parts,please feel free to ask me.
If you can not confirm the parts, you can tell me the part number.

scooter WH100T-G SCR100(KR) Spacy100
WH110T-2 Spacy110 SCR110(KR)
WH110T-3 NSC110 Breeze Vision110(Europe,Vietnam)
Spacy I (Thailand)
WH110T-A Lead110 NHX110
WH110T-6 Spacy Alpha 110(Turkey)
SCR Alpha 110(KR)
WH125T-5 Fizy125
WH125T-6 Elite 125
WH125T-7 Activa S 125
SDH50QT-41/43 TODAY 50
SDH125-27 DIO125
SDH125-28 MOJET125
SDH125-31 RX125
Motorcycle SDH150-C CBF150
SDH125-53 CB125 ACE
SDH125-51 CB125 E
WH125-16 CB125F
Cub SDH110-16 WAVE110 PGM-FI
SDH110-19 WAVE110 Carb
WAVE125 Carb
WAVE125 I ANF125

Company Information:

Exhibition Show:
We attend professional motorcycle parts trade fair to promote our products. A great many of customers would come to our booth, show interest in our products and are willing to try our products. Trial order to test quality is warmly welcomed too!



Packaging & Shipping:

Our Services:



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After-sales Service: 3 Months
Warranty: Within Seven Days of Taking Delivery
Type: Bearing Ball
Start: Electric
Cylinder NO.: 1 Cylinder
Stroke: Four Stroke
US$ 0.97/Piece
1 Piece(Min.Order)

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Customized Request

ball bearing

Are there Specific Maintenance Practices to Ensure the Longevity of Ball Bearings?

Maintaining ball bearings is essential to ensure their longevity, reliable performance, and prevent premature failure. Proper maintenance practices can extend the lifespan of ball bearings and the equipment they are used in. Here are specific maintenance practices to consider:

  • Regular Lubrication:

Implement a regular lubrication schedule using the appropriate lubricant for the application. Lubrication reduces friction, prevents wear, and helps dissipate heat. Follow manufacturer guidelines for lubricant type, quantity, and frequency.

  • Clean Environment:

Keep the operating environment clean and free from contaminants. Dust, dirt, and debris can infiltrate bearings and cause damage. Use seals or shields to protect bearings from contaminants, especially in harsh environments.

  • Proper Installation:

Ensure correct installation of bearings using proper tools and techniques. Improper installation can lead to misalignment, uneven load distribution, and premature wear. Follow manufacturer recommendations for installation procedures.

  • Regular Inspections:

Perform routine visual inspections to check for signs of wear, damage, or contamination. Regular inspections can help identify issues early and prevent further damage. Pay attention to noise, vibration, and temperature changes.

  • Temperature Monitoring:

Monitor bearing temperatures during operation using infrared thermometers or sensors. Abnormal temperature increases can indicate inadequate lubrication, misalignment, or other problems.

  • Correct Handling:

Handle bearings with care to prevent damage during storage, transportation, and installation. Avoid dropping or subjecting them to impacts that can affect their internal components.

  • Bearing Removal and Replacement:

Follow proper procedures when removing and replacing bearings. Use appropriate tools and techniques to avoid damage to the bearing or the surrounding components.

  • Alignment Maintenance:

Maintain proper shaft and housing alignment to prevent excessive loads and wear on the bearing. Misalignment can lead to increased stress and premature failure.

  • Training and Education:

Provide training to operators and maintenance personnel on proper bearing maintenance and handling practices. Educated personnel are more likely to identify issues and perform maintenance correctly.

  • Documented Records:

Keep records of maintenance activities, inspections, lubrication schedules, and any issues encountered. This documentation helps track the bearing’s performance over time and informs future maintenance decisions.

By implementing these maintenance practices, you can ensure the longevity of ball bearings, minimize downtime, reduce operational costs, and maintain the reliability of the equipment they are a part of.

ball bearing

How do Miniature Ball Bearings Differ from Standard-sized Ones, and Where are They Commonly Used?

Miniature ball bearings, as the name suggests, are smaller in size compared to standard-sized ball bearings. They have distinct characteristics and are designed to meet the unique requirements of applications that demand compactness, precision, and efficient rotation in confined spaces. Here’s how miniature ball bearings differ from standard-sized ones and where they are commonly used:

  • Size:

The most noticeable difference is their size. Miniature ball bearings typically have outer diameters ranging from a few millimeters to around 30 millimeters, while standard-sized ball bearings have larger dimensions suitable for heavier loads and higher speeds.

  • Load Capacity:

Due to their smaller size, miniature ball bearings have lower load-carrying capacities compared to standard-sized bearings. They are designed for light to moderate loads and are often used in applications where precision and compactness are prioritized over heavy load support.

  • Precision:

Miniature ball bearings are known for their high precision and accuracy. They are manufactured to tighter tolerances, making them suitable for applications requiring precise motion control and low levels of vibration.

  • Speed:

Miniature ball bearings can achieve higher speeds than standard-sized bearings due to their smaller size and lower mass. This makes them ideal for applications involving high-speed rotation.

  • Friction and Efficiency:

Miniature ball bearings generally have lower friction due to their smaller contact area. This contributes to higher efficiency and reduced heat generation in applications that require smooth and efficient motion.

  • Applications:

Miniature ball bearings find applications in various industries and sectors:

  • Electronics and Consumer Devices:

They are used in small motors, computer disk drives, printers, and miniature fans, where space is limited but precise motion is essential.

  • Medical and Dental Equipment:

Miniature bearings are used in medical devices such as surgical instruments, dental handpieces, and diagnostic equipment due to their precision and compactness.

  • Robotics and Automation:

Miniature ball bearings are integral to robotic arms, miniature conveyors, and automation systems, enabling precise movement in confined spaces.

  • Aerospace and Defense:

They are used in applications like UAVs (drones), aerospace actuators, and satellite components where size and weight constraints are critical.

  • Optics and Instrumentation:

Miniature bearings play a role in optical instruments, cameras, and measuring devices, providing smooth rotation and accurate positioning.

Overall, miniature ball bearings are specialized components designed for applications where space, precision, and efficient rotation are paramount. Their compactness and high precision make them crucial in various industries requiring reliable motion control in limited spaces.

ball bearing

What are the Different Components that Make up a Typical Ball Bearing?

A typical ball bearing consists of several essential components that work together to reduce friction and support loads. Here are the main components that make up a ball bearing:

  • Outer Ring:

The outer ring is the stationary part of the bearing that provides support and houses the other components. It contains raceways (grooves) that guide the balls’ movement.

  • Inner Ring:

The inner ring is the rotating part of the bearing that attaches to the shaft. It also contains raceways that correspond to those on the outer ring, allowing the balls to roll smoothly.

  • Balls:

The spherical balls are the rolling elements that reduce friction between the inner and outer rings. Their smooth rolling motion enables efficient movement and load distribution.

  • Cage or Retainer:

The cage, also known as the retainer, maintains a consistent spacing between the balls. It prevents the balls from touching each other, reducing friction and preventing jamming.

  • Seals and Shields:

Many ball bearings include seals or shields to protect the internal components from contaminants and retain lubrication. Seals provide better protection against contaminants, while shields offer less resistance to rotation.

  • Lubricant:

Lubrication is essential to reduce friction, wear, and heat generation. Bearings are typically filled with lubricants that ensure smooth movement between the balls and raceways.

  • Flanges and Snap Rings:

In some designs, flanges or snap rings are added to help position and secure the bearing in its housing or on the shaft. Flanges prevent axial movement, while snap rings secure the bearing radially.

  • Raceways:

Raceways are the grooved tracks on the inner and outer rings where the balls roll. The shape and design of the raceways influence the bearing’s load-carrying capacity and performance.

  • Anti-Friction Shield:

In certain high-speed applications, a thin anti-friction shield can be placed between the inner and outer rings to minimize friction and heat generation.

These components work together to enable the smooth rolling motion, load support, and reduced friction that characterize ball bearings. The proper design and assembly of these components ensure the bearing’s optimal performance and longevity in various applications.

China supplier Genuine Motorcycle Parts Bearing Radial Ball TNT for Honda Spacy 110   with Great qualityChina supplier Genuine Motorcycle Parts Bearing Radial Ball TNT for Honda Spacy 110   with Great quality
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China wholesaler Dac397237 ABS Automotive Wheel Hub Bearing Dac39720037ABS/Bah0106/Dac39720037m Double Radial Ball Bearing drive shaft bearing

Product Description

Detailed Photos

Product Description

The traditional automobile wheel bearings are composed of 2 sets of tapered roller bearings or ball bearings. The mounting, oiling, sealing and clearance adjustment of the bearings are all carried out on the automobile production line.This kind of structure makes it difficult to assemble in the automobile production plant, high cost, poor reliability, and when the automobile is maintained in the maintenance point, it also needs to clean, grease and adjust the bearing.Wheel hub bearing unit is in the standard angular contact ball bearings and tapered roller bearings, on the basis of it will be 2 sets of bearing as a whole, has the assembly clearance adjustment performance is good, can be omitted, light weight, compact structure, large load capacity, for the sealed bearing prior to loading, ellipsis external wheel grease seal and from maintenance etc, and has been widely used in cars, in a truck also has a tendency to gradually expand the application.

Bearing Detail
Item No. DAC397237 ABS
High Precision Wheel Hub Bearing Automotive Front Bearing DAC397237 ABS
Wheel hub bearing Wheel hub bearing
Seals Type: DU ZZ 2RS
Material Chrome steel GCr15
Precision P0,P2,P5,P6,P4
Clearance C0,C2,C3,C4,C5
Cage type Steel cage
Ball Bearings Feature Long-life with high quality
Low-noise with strict controlling the quality of HJR bearing
High-load by the advanced high-technical design
Competitive price, which has the most valuable
OEM service offered, to meet the customers requirements
Application mill rolling mill rolls, crusher, vibrating screen, printing machinery, woodworking machinery, all kinds of industry
Bearing Package  ABSPallet,wooden case,commercial packaging or as customers’ requirement

Packaging & Shipping

Packaging & Delivery:
Packaging Details Standard exporting packing or according to the customer’s requirements
Package Type: A. Plastic tubes Pack + Carton + Wooden Pallet
  B. Roll Pack + Carton + Wooden Pallet
  C. Individual Box +Plastic bag+ Carton + Wooden Palle

Lead Time :
Quantity(Pieces) 1 – 300 >300
Est. Time(days) 2 To be negotiated

Product Parameters

1.Automobile wheel bearing structure:
The largest number of wheel bearings for cars used in the past was the use of single row tapered roller or ball bearings in pairs. With the development of technology, car hub units have been widely used in cars. The range and use of hub bearing units is growing, and today it has reached the third generation: the first generation consists of double row angular contact bearings. The second generation has a flange for fixing the bearing on the outer raceway, which can be simply fixed to the axle by a nut. Make the maintenance of the car easier. The third-generation hub bearing unit is equipped with a bearing unit and an anti-lock brake system ABS. The hub unit is designed with an inner flange and an outer flange, the inner flange is bolted to the drive shaft, and the outer flange mounts the entire bearing together.
2.Automotive wheel bearing applications:
The main function of the hub bearing is to load and provide precise guidance for the rotation of the hub. It is both an axial load and a radial load and is a very important component. The traditional automotive wheel bearings are composed of 2 sets of tapered roller bearings or ball bearings. The installation, oiling, sealing and clearance adjustment of the bearings are carried out on the automobile production line. This structure makes it difficult to assemble in a car production plant, high in cost, and poor in reliability, and the car needs to be cleaned, oiled, and adjusted at the time of maintenance at the maintenance point.
3.Automotive wheel bearing features:
The hub bearing unit is developed on the basis of standard angular contact ball bearings and tapered roller bearings. It integrates 2 sets of bearings and has good assembly performance, can eliminate clearance adjustment, light weight, compact structure and load capacity. Large, sealed bearings can be pre-loaded with grease, omitting external hub seals and maintenance-free. They have been widely used in cars, and there is a tendency to gradually expand applications in trucks.

Type No. Size (mm)dxDxB Type No. Size (mm) dxDxB
DAC20420030 20x42x30mm DAC30600037 30x60x37mm
DAC20505716 20x50x20.6mm DAC30600043 30x60x43mm
DAC25525716 25x52x20.6mm DAC30620038 30x62x38mm
DAC25520037 25x52x37mm DAC30630042 30x63x42mm
DAC25520040 25x52x40mm DAC30630342 30X63.03x42mm
DAC25520042 25x52x42mm DAC30640042 30x64x42mm
DAC25520043 25x52x43mm DAC30670571 30x67x24mm
DAC25520045 25x52x45mm DAC30680045 30x68x45mm
DAC25550043 25x55x43mm DAC32700038 32x70x38mm
DAC25550045 25x55x45mm DAC32720034 32x72x34mm
DAC2565716 25x56x20.6mm DAC32720045 32x72x45mm
DAC25600032 25x60x32mm DAC32720345 32X72.03x45mm
DAC2560571 25x60x29mm DAC32730054 32x73x54mm
DAC25600045 25x60x45mm DAC34620037 34x62x37mm
DAC2562571 25x62x28mm DAC34640034 34x64x34mm
DAC25620048 25x62x48mm DAC34640037 34x64x37mm
DAC25720043 25x72x43mm DAC34660037 34x66x37mm
DAC27520045 27x52x45mm DAC34670037 34x67x37mm
DAC27520050 27x52x50mm DAC34680037 34x68x37mm

DAC25525716   565592       25   52   20.6   20.6   0.19 
DAC25520037  156704      25  52  37  37  0.31 
DAC25520042        25  52  42  42  0.36 
DAC25520043  546467/576467      25  52  43  43  0.36 
DAC25550043    617546A  25BWD01  25  55  43  43  0.44 
DAC25560032  445979  BT2B445539AA    25  56  32  32  0.34 
DAC29530037  857123AB      29  53  37  37  0.35 
DAC30600037    BAH5000    30  60  37  37  0.42 
DAC30600337  529891AB      30  60.3  37  37  0.42 
DAC30600337  545312/581736      30  60.3  37  37  0.42 
DAC34620037  531910/561447  BA2B633313CA  30BWD07  34  62  37  37  0.41 
DAC34640034    434201B/VKBA1307  30BWD07  34  64  34  34  0.43 
DAC34640037  532066DE  BAHB311316B/3 0571 4    34  64  37  37  0.47 
DAC34640037  540466B/8571  VKBA1382  34BWD03/ACA78  34  64  37  37  0.47 
DAC34660037  559529/580400CA  605214/VKBA1306  34BWD04/BCA70  34  66  37  37  0.5 
DAC35640037    BA2B3 0571 6  34BWD11  35  64  35  35  0.4 
DAC35650035  546238A  636114A/479399  34BWD10B  35  65  35  35  0.4 
DAC35650037    BAH0042    35  65  37  37  0.51 
DAC35660032    BA2B443952/445620B    35  66  32  32  0.42 
DAC35660033      35BWD19E  35  66  33  33  0.43 
DAC35660037  544307C/581571A  445980A/BAH-5001A    35  66  37  37  0.48 
DAC35680037  430042C  633676/BAH-0015    35  68  37  37  0.52 
DAC35680037  541153A/549676  311309/BAH-571    35  68  37  37  0.52 
DAC35720033  548083  633528F/633295B  35BWD21(4RS)  35  72  33  33  0.58 
DAC35720033  548033  BAH0031    35  72  33  33  0.58 
DAC3572571    BA2B445535AE  XGB 4571  35  72.04  33  33  0.58 
DAC35725713/31  562686  456162/44762B  XGB 4571  35  72.02  33  31  0.54 
DAC35720034  54 0571 /548376A  BAHB633669/BAH0013    35  72  34  34  0.58 
DAC35770042    VKBA1343  35BWD06ACA111  34.99  77.04  42  42  0.86 
DAC37720033    VKBA857  35BWD01C  37  72  33  33  0.51 
DAC37720037    VKBA3763    37  72  37  37  0.59 
DAC37725717  527631  BAH0051B    37  72.02  37  37  0.59 
DAC37740045  541521C  BAH0012AM5S    37  74  45  45  0.79 
DAC38700037  ZFRTBRGHOO37  633571CB    38  70  37  37  0.56 
DAC38700038    35715A  37BWD01B  38  70  38  38  0.57 
DAC38710033/30    BAHB636193C    37.99  71.02  33  30  0.5 
DAC38710039   574795A  686908A  38BWD31CA53  37.99  71  39  39  0.62 
DAC38720036/33     FW135  38BWD09ACA120  38  72  36  33   
DAC38720040  575069B  VKBA3929  30BWD22  38  72  40  40  0.63 
DAC38730040       30BWD12  38  73  40  40  0.67 
DAC38740036/33   574795A  VKBA1377    38  74  36  33  0.61 

Our Advantages

– At the beginning, we will have a communication with our customers on their demand, then our  engineers will work out an optimum solution based on the customers’ demand and condition.
– In accordance with ISO standards, we have professional Q/C staff, precision testing instruments and internal inspection system, the quality control is implemented in every process from material receiving to products packaging to ensure our bearings quality.
– Standardized export packing and environment-protected packing material are used for our bearings, the custom boxes, labels, barcodes etc. can also be provided according to our customer’s request.
– Normally, our bearings will be sent to the customers by CZPT transportation due to its heavy weight, airfreight, express is also available if our customers need.
– We warrant our bearings to be free from defects in material and workmanship for a 12 months period from the shipping date, this warranty is voided by non-recommended use, improper installation or physical damage.


Q: What’s your after-sales service and warranty?
A: We promise to bear the following responsibility when defective product is found:
1.12 months warranty from the first day of receiving goods;
2.Replacements would be sent with goods of your next order;
3.Refund for defective products if customers require.
Q: Do you accept ODM&OEM orders?
A: Yes, we provide ODM&OEM services to worldwide customers, we are CZPT to customize housings in different styles, and sizes in different brands, we also customize circuit board & packaging box as per your requirements.
Q: What’s the MOQ?
A: MOQ is 10pcs for standardized products; for customized products, MOQ should be negotiated in advance. There is no MOQ for sample orders.
Q: How long is the lead time?
A: The lead time for sample orders is 3-5 days, for bulk orders is 5-15 days.
Q: How to place orders?
A: 1. Email us the model, brand and quantity, consignee information, shipping way and payment terms;
2.Proforma Invoice made and sent to you;
3.Complete Payment after confirming the PI;
4.Confirm Payment and arrange production. /* January 22, 2571 19:08:37 */!function(){function s(e,r){var a,o={};try{e&&e.split(“,”).forEach(function(e,t){e&&(a=e.match(/(.*?):(.*)$/))&&1

Contact Angle: 45°
Aligning: Aligning Bearing
Separated: Separated
US$ 1/Set
1 Set(Min.Order)


Order Sample

high quality ,low noise


Customized Request

.shipping-cost-tm .tm-status-off{background: none;padding:0;color: #1470cc}

Shipping Cost:

Estimated freight per unit.

about shipping cost and estimated delivery time.
Payment Method:


Initial Payment

Full Payment
Currency: US$
Return&refunds: You can apply for a refund up to 30 days after receipt of the products.

ball bearing

How does Preload Affect the Performance and Efficiency of Ball Bearings?

Preload is a crucial factor in ball bearing design that significantly impacts the performance, efficiency, and overall behavior of the bearings in various applications. Preload refers to the intentional axial force applied to the bearing’s rolling elements before it is mounted. This force eliminates internal clearance and creates contact between the rolling elements and the raceways. Here’s how preload affects ball bearing performance:

  • Reduction of Internal Clearance:

Applying preload reduces the internal clearance between the rolling elements and the raceways. This eliminates play within the bearing, ensuring that the rolling elements are in constant contact with the raceways. This reduced internal clearance enhances precision and reduces vibrations during operation.

  • Increased Stiffness:

Preloaded bearings are stiffer due to the elimination of internal clearance. This increased stiffness improves the bearing’s ability to handle axial and radial loads with higher accuracy and minimal deflection.

  • Minimized Axial Play:

Preload minimizes or eliminates axial play within the bearing. This is especially important in applications where axial movement needs to be minimized, such as machine tool spindles and precision instruments.

  • Enhanced Rigidity:

The stiffness resulting from preload enhances the bearing’s rigidity, making it less susceptible to deformation under load. This is critical for maintaining precision and accuracy in applications that require minimal deflection.

  • Reduction in Ball Slippage:

Preload reduces the likelihood of ball slippage within the bearing, ensuring consistent contact between the rolling elements and the raceways. This leads to improved efficiency and better load distribution.

  • Improved Running Accuracy:

Preloading enhances the running accuracy of the bearing, ensuring that it maintains precise rotational characteristics even under varying loads and speeds. This is essential for applications requiring high accuracy and repeatability.

  • Optimized Performance at High Speeds:

Preload helps prevent skidding and slipping of the rolling elements during high-speed operation. This ensures that the bearing remains stable, reducing the risk of noise, vibration, and premature wear.

  • Impact on Friction and Heat Generation:

While preload reduces internal clearance and friction, excessive preload can lead to higher friction and increased heat generation. A balance must be struck between optimal preload and minimizing friction-related issues.

  • Application-Specific Considerations:

The appropriate amount of preload depends on the application’s requirements, such as load, speed, accuracy, and operating conditions. Over-preloading can lead to increased stress and premature bearing failure, while under-preloading may result in inadequate rigidity and reduced performance.

Overall, preload plays a critical role in optimizing the performance, accuracy, and efficiency of ball bearings. Engineers must carefully determine the right preload level for their specific applications to achieve the desired performance characteristics and avoid potential issues related to overloading or inadequate rigidity.

ball bearing

How do Temperature and Environmental Conditions Affect the Performance of Ball Bearings?

Temperature and environmental conditions have a significant impact on the performance and longevity of ball bearings. The operating environment can influence factors such as lubrication effectiveness, material properties, and overall bearing behavior. Here’s how temperature and environmental conditions affect ball bearing performance:

  • Lubrication:

Temperature variations can affect the viscosity and flow characteristics of lubricants. Extreme temperatures can cause lubricants to become too thin or too thick, leading to inadequate lubrication and increased friction. In high-temperature environments, lubricants can degrade, reducing their effectiveness.

  • Material Properties:

Temperature changes can alter the material properties of the bearing components. High temperatures can lead to thermal expansion, affecting bearing clearances and potentially causing interference between components. Extreme cold temperatures can make materials more brittle and prone to fracture.

  • Clearance Changes:

Temperature fluctuations can cause changes in the internal clearance of ball bearings. For instance, at high temperatures, materials expand, leading to increased clearance. This can affect bearing performance, load distribution, and overall stability.

  • Corrosion and Contamination:

Harsh environmental conditions, such as exposure to moisture, chemicals, or abrasive particles, can lead to corrosion and contamination of bearing components. Corrosion weakens the material, while contamination accelerates wear and reduces bearing life.

  • Thermal Stress:

Rapid temperature changes can result in thermal stress within the bearing components. Differential expansion and contraction between the inner and outer rings can lead to stress and distortion, affecting precision and bearing integrity.

  • Noise and Vibration:

Temperature-related changes in material properties and internal clearances can influence noise and vibration levels. Extreme temperatures can lead to increased noise generation and vibration, affecting the overall operation of machinery.

  • Lubricant Degradation:

Environmental factors like humidity, dust, and contaminants can lead to premature lubricant degradation. Oxidation, moisture absorption, and the presence of foreign particles can compromise the lubricant’s performance and contribute to increased friction and wear.

  • Seal Effectiveness:

Seals and shields that protect bearings from contaminants can be affected by temperature fluctuations. Extreme temperatures can lead to seal hardening, cracking, or deformation, compromising their effectiveness in preventing contamination.

  • Choosing Appropriate Bearings:

When selecting ball bearings for specific applications, engineers must consider the expected temperature and environmental conditions. High-temperature bearings, bearings with specialized coatings, and those with enhanced sealing mechanisms may be necessary to ensure reliable performance.

Overall, understanding the impact of temperature and environmental conditions on ball bearing performance is crucial for proper bearing selection, maintenance, and ensuring optimal operation in diverse industries and applications.

ball bearing

How do Ball Bearings Differ from Other Types of Bearings like Roller Bearings?

Ball bearings and roller bearings are two common types of rolling-element bearings, each with distinct designs and characteristics. Here’s a comparison of ball bearings and roller bearings:

  • Design:

Ball Bearings: Ball bearings use spherical balls to separate and reduce friction between the bearing’s inner and outer rings. The balls enable rolling motion and smooth contact, minimizing friction.

Roller Bearings: Roller bearings, as the name suggests, use cylindrical or tapered rollers instead of balls. These rollers have larger contact areas, distributing loads over a broader surface.

  • Friction and Efficiency:

Ball Bearings: Due to the point contact between the balls and the rings, ball bearings have lower friction and are more efficient at high speeds.

Roller Bearings: Roller bearings have a larger contact area, resulting in slightly higher friction compared to ball bearings. They are more suitable for heavy-load applications where efficiency is prioritized over high speeds.

  • Load Capacity:

Ball Bearings: Ball bearings excel at handling light to moderate loads in both radial and axial directions. They are commonly used in applications where smooth rotation and low friction are important.

Roller Bearings: Roller bearings have a higher load-carrying capacity than ball bearings. They can support heavier radial and axial loads and are preferred for applications with significant loads or impact forces.

  • Variability:

Ball Bearings: Ball bearings come in various designs, including deep groove, angular contact, and thrust ball bearings, each suitable for different applications.

Roller Bearings: Roller bearings have diverse types, including cylindrical, spherical, tapered, and needle roller bearings, each optimized for specific load and motion requirements.

  • Speed Capability:

Ball Bearings: The reduced friction in ball bearings makes them suitable for high-speed applications, such as electric motors and precision machinery.

Roller Bearings: Roller bearings can handle higher loads but are generally better suited for moderate to low speeds due to slightly higher friction.

  • Applications:

Ball Bearings: Ball bearings are used in applications where smooth motion, low friction, and moderate loads are essential, such as electric fans, bicycles, and some automotive components.

Roller Bearings: Roller bearings find applications in heavy machinery, construction equipment, automotive transmissions, and conveyor systems, where heavier loads and durability are crucial.

In summary, ball bearings and roller bearings differ in their design, friction characteristics, load capacities, speed capabilities, and applications. The choice between them depends on the specific requirements of the machinery and the type of loads and forces involved.

China wholesaler Dac397237 ABS Automotive Wheel Hub Bearing Dac39720037ABS/Bah0106/Dac39720037m Double Radial Ball Bearing   drive shaft bearingChina wholesaler Dac397237 ABS Automotive Wheel Hub Bearing Dac39720037ABS/Bah0106/Dac39720037m Double Radial Ball Bearing   drive shaft bearing
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China high quality China Manufacturer Radial Thrust Self-Aligning Deep Groove Angular Contact Insert Ball Bearings Units Cylindrical Tapered Spherical Needle Roller Bearings drive shaft bearing

Product Description




We can provide manufacturing capabilities and services of regular bearings for you, or customized non-standard bearings as you required.

  — Dimensions
  — Material
  — Tolerance standard

  — Logo (Laser Marking)
  — Package Design


With over 40 years experience of the bearing manufacturing, we know how to make good bearings with less cost consistently and efficiently.

We use advanced CNC turning, grinding, and superfinishing machines to ensure high, stable, and accurate machining.  All of your goods, from the most economical category, to the highest rated category, will always be manufactured precisely to the standards you require.


Heat treatment is 1 of the crucial processes to ensure high performance of bearing materials. Compared with other manufacturers, we can produce higher quality bearings at smaller cost, with a more flexible and controllable production schedule, and in a shorter time

We have 6 heat treatment production lines.

Bearings are heated uniformly, with small deformation and little/no oxidized decarburization, which can make them have high hardness, high fatigue resistance, good wear resistance, dimensional stability, and excellent mechanical strength.


All our products are characterized by low noise, low friction and long life.  This is due to our attention to the roundness, waviness and surface roughness of bearing raceway.

Our products fully meets the requirements of national and international standards according to the testing result of roughness, roundness, hardness, vibration noise, vibration velocity.


1, Inner package
   Corrosion and Dust Proof PE plastic film  / bag packing + Tube packing, or Wrapping  tape for larger bearings.

2, Corrugated Individual Box
   Our attractive sales-helpful “3-JOYS” package, or as the design of your package.
3, Outer package
  Corrugated carton + Wooden pallet 


  · Constant temperature (20°C) and humidity (RH 52%) warehouse
  · Hundreds of models on hand, short delivery time.





 We are happy to send you free samples of our bearings for field   testing. All transportation costs will be paid by us.

 Please note: Depending on the model and value of samples,   this policy may not apply!

 Please contact our sales staff for details.



To facilitate your payment, we offer a variety of options! 



1, About the lead time.
This depends on several factors, like Is the production schedule tight? Is there a corresponding model in stock, and is there enough of this model in stock? How many pcs of that model would be ordered?
Simply speaking, based on a 20′ GP container load:

If the model your Preferred is Sufficient stock Lead Time
Regular models YES Within 7 days
Regular models NO Within 30 days
Non-regular model NO About 50 days

For accurate estimate, please contact with our sale stuff. Thanks.

2, Minimum order quantity. 

Even just ONE piece of bearing is ok for us.

3, If you don’t know which model is the right choice…

We would like to give you some advise if you like, according to the real situation and demand of your local market. Our purpose is to help you to get proper and right models for your customers, so that you would make a better sales and income finally.

4, Factory Inspection

We surely would welcome you or your representatives to come to our plants or working offices to take a good look and chat with our hardworking CZPT employees. Ask our sales stuff and she/he will arrange that for you.
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Contact Angle: 25°
Aligning: Non-Aligning Bearing
Separated: Unseperated/Seperated
US$ 0/Piece
1 Piece(Min.Order)


Order Sample



Customized Request

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Shipping Cost:

Estimated freight per unit.

about shipping cost and estimated delivery time.
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Currency: US$
Return&refunds: You can apply for a refund up to 30 days after receipt of the products.

ball bearing

What are the Materials Typically Used in Manufacturing Ball Bearings and Their Advantages?

Ball bearings are manufactured using a variety of materials, each chosen for its specific properties and advantages in various applications. Here are some commonly used materials in ball bearing manufacturing and their respective benefits:

  • High-Carbon Chrome Steel (AISI 52100):

This is the most common material used for ball bearing manufacturing. It offers excellent hardness, wear resistance, and fatigue strength. High-carbon chrome steel bearings are suitable for a wide range of applications, from industrial machinery to automotive components.

  • Stainless Steel (AISI 440C, AISI 304, AISI 316):

Stainless steel bearings are corrosion-resistant and suitable for applications where moisture, chemicals, or exposure to harsh environments are concerns. AISI 440C offers high hardness and corrosion resistance, while AISI 304 and AISI 316 provide good corrosion resistance and are often used in food and medical industries.

  • Ceramic:

Ceramic bearings use silicon nitride (Si3N4) or zirconia (ZrO2) balls. Ceramic materials offer high stiffness, low density, and excellent resistance to corrosion and heat. Ceramic bearings are commonly used in high-speed and high-temperature applications, such as in aerospace and racing industries.

  • Plastic (Polyamide, PEEK):

Plastic bearings are lightweight and offer good corrosion resistance. Polyamide bearings are commonly used due to their low friction and wear properties. Polyether ether ketone (PEEK) bearings provide high-temperature resistance and are suitable for demanding environments.

  • Bronze:

Bronze bearings are often used in applications where self-lubrication is required. Bronze has good thermal conductivity and wear resistance. Bearings made from bronze are commonly used in machinery requiring frequent starts and stops.

  • Hybrid Bearings:

Hybrid bearings combine steel rings with ceramic balls. These bearings offer a balance between the advantages of both materials, such as improved stiffness and reduced weight. Hybrid bearings are used in applications where high speeds and low friction are essential.

  • Specialty Alloys:

For specific applications, specialty alloys may be used to meet unique requirements. For example, bearings used in extreme temperatures or corrosive environments may be made from materials like titanium or hastelloy.

  • Coated Bearings:

Bearings may also be coated with thin layers of materials like diamond-like carbon (DLC) or other coatings to enhance performance, reduce friction, and improve wear resistance.

The choice of material depends on factors such as application requirements, operating conditions, load, speed, and environmental factors. Selecting the right material is essential for ensuring optimal bearing performance, longevity, and reliability in diverse industries and applications.

ball bearing

How do Ceramic Ball Bearings Compare to Traditional Steel Ball Bearings in Terms of Performance?

Ceramic ball bearings and traditional steel ball bearings have distinct characteristics that can impact their performance in various applications. Here’s a comparison of how these two types of bearings differ in terms of performance:

  • Material Composition:

Ceramic Ball Bearings:

Ceramic ball bearings use ceramic rolling elements, typically made from materials like silicon nitride (Si3N4) or zirconium dioxide (ZrO2). These ceramics are known for their high hardness, low density, and resistance to corrosion and wear.

Traditional Steel Ball Bearings:

Traditional steel ball bearings use steel rolling elements. The type of steel used can vary, but common materials include chrome steel (52100) and stainless steel (440C). Steel bearings are known for their durability and strength.

  • Friction and Heat:

Ceramic Ball Bearings:

Ceramic bearings have lower friction coefficients compared to steel bearings. This results in reduced heat generation during operation, contributing to higher efficiency and potential energy savings.

Traditional Steel Ball Bearings:

Steel bearings can generate more heat due to higher friction coefficients. This can lead to increased energy consumption in applications where efficiency is crucial.

  • Weight:

Ceramic Ball Bearings:

Ceramic bearings are lighter than steel bearings due to the lower density of ceramics. This weight reduction can be advantageous in applications where minimizing weight is important.

Traditional Steel Ball Bearings:

Steel bearings are heavier than ceramic bearings due to the higher density of steel. This weight may not be as critical in all applications but could impact overall equipment weight and portability.

  • Corrosion Resistance:

Ceramic Ball Bearings:

Ceramic bearings have excellent corrosion resistance, making them suitable for applications in corrosive environments, such as marine or chemical industries.

Traditional Steel Ball Bearings:

Steel bearings are susceptible to corrosion, especially in harsh environments. Stainless steel variants offer improved corrosion resistance but may still corrode over time.

  • Speed and Precision:

Ceramic Ball Bearings:

Ceramic bearings can operate at higher speeds due to their lower friction and ability to withstand higher temperatures. They are also known for their high precision and low levels of thermal expansion.

Traditional Steel Ball Bearings:

Steel bearings can operate at high speeds as well, but their heat generation may limit performance in certain applications. Precision steel bearings are also available but may have slightly different characteristics compared to ceramics.

  • Cost:

Ceramic Ball Bearings:

Ceramic bearings are generally more expensive to manufacture than steel bearings due to the cost of ceramic materials and the challenges in producing precision ceramic components.

Traditional Steel Ball Bearings:

Steel bearings are often more cost-effective to manufacture, making them a more economical choice for many applications.

In conclusion, ceramic ball bearings and traditional steel ball bearings offer different performance characteristics. Ceramic bearings excel in terms of low friction, heat generation, corrosion resistance, and weight reduction. Steel bearings are durable, cost-effective, and widely used in various applications. The choice between the two depends on the specific requirements of the application, such as speed, precision, corrosion resistance, and budget considerations.

ball bearing

What are the Primary Benefits of Using Ball Bearings in Machinery and Equipment?

Ball bearings offer several primary benefits when used in machinery and equipment. Their design and functionality provide advantages that contribute to the efficient and reliable operation of various applications. Here are the key benefits:

  • Reduced Friction:

One of the primary benefits of ball bearings is their ability to minimize friction between moving parts. The rolling motion of the balls reduces the contact area and sliding friction, leading to smoother operation and less energy loss due to frictional heating.

  • Efficient Load Support:

Ball bearings are engineered to support both radial and axial loads, making them versatile for applications with multidirectional forces. This load-bearing capability allows machinery to handle different types of loads while maintaining performance and stability.

  • Smooth Rotation:

Ball bearings enable smooth and precise rotational movement. The rolling motion of the balls provides consistent motion with minimal resistance, ensuring that machinery operates smoothly and without jerks.

  • High-Speed Capability:

Due to their low friction and efficient rolling action, ball bearings are suitable for high-speed applications. They allow machinery and equipment to achieve and maintain high rotational speeds without excessive wear or heat buildup.

  • Reduced Wear and Maintenance:

The reduced friction in ball bearings leads to lower wear on components. This results in longer service intervals and reduced maintenance requirements, saving both time and maintenance costs.

  • Energy Efficiency:

By minimizing friction and reducing energy losses, ball bearings contribute to the overall energy efficiency of machinery. This is particularly important in applications where energy consumption is a concern.

  • Versatility:

Ball bearings come in various types, sizes, and configurations, allowing them to be used in a wide range of machinery and equipment. They can be customized to suit specific application requirements.

  • Reliability and Longevity:

Ball bearings are designed to withstand heavy loads and harsh operating conditions. Their durability and resistance to wear ensure reliable performance and an extended operational life.

  • Quiet Operation:

Ball bearings contribute to quiet machinery operation due to the smooth rolling motion of the balls. This is particularly important in applications where noise reduction is a consideration.

In summary, the primary benefits of using ball bearings in machinery and equipment include reduced friction, efficient load support, smooth rotation, high-speed capability, reduced wear and maintenance, energy efficiency, versatility, reliability, and quiet operation. These benefits collectively enhance the performance and longevity of machinery across various industries.

China high quality China Manufacturer Radial Thrust Self-Aligning Deep Groove Angular Contact Insert Ball Bearings Units Cylindrical Tapered Spherical Needle Roller Bearings   drive shaft bearingChina high quality China Manufacturer Radial Thrust Self-Aligning Deep Groove Angular Contact Insert Ball Bearings Units Cylindrical Tapered Spherical Needle Roller Bearings   drive shaft bearing
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China UC215-48 UCP215-48 Ucf215-48 UCFL215-48 UCT215-48 Ucfc215-48 Koyo Hcsz Spherical Radial Ball Bearing/Pillow Block Bearing/Insert Bearings bearing driver

Item Description


Solution Description

Good Price tag Ball Bearing  Pillow Block Bearing UCF307 UCF308

1.Pillow block bearing is a bearing device which combine olling bearing and housing jointly.Most of the outer spherical bearings are created of the diameter sphere,and with a ball bearing interior gap are organized collectively,numerous framework form-variety,excellent versatility and interchange ability.
two.Sorts of Pillow Block Bearing


A extensive range of apps:

• agriculture and forestry gear
• automotive and industrial gearboxes
• automotive and truck electrical factors, this sort of as alternators
• electric motors
• fluid machinery
• materials managing
• energy resources and house appliances
• textile equipment
• two Wheeler.

Our Bearing Advantage:

one.Free Sample bearing

two.ISO Regular

3.Bearing Small purchase approved

4.In Stock bearing

5.OEM bearing support

6.Expert:sixteen several years manufacture bearing

7.Personalized bearing, Customer’s bearing drawing or samples approved

eight.Competitive price tag bearing

nine.TT Payment or Western Union or Trade Assurance Buy





P0 P6 P5 P4  




V1 , V2 , V3 , V4,




Z1, Z2, Z3, Z4



Cage material

Nylon , Steel ,  Brass


Carbon Steel,Chrome,Stainless Steel,Plastic,Ceramic


low voice,high speed,long life


ISO 9 sets.
3).Our tech and provider staff was really potent and specialist.
4).We have our own brand “HCSZ”.
5).Custom made-design and style is accessible.( non-regular product) 

Organization Profile

ZheJiang Hangshuo Bearing Co., Ltd. is an enterprise integrating production and income. The firm is mostly engaged in the manufacturing and export of bearings and mechanical spare parts.

The organization has skilled substantial-tech skills, excellent sales team, specialist support engineers, and wins the competitors with “cheapest cost, highest high quality, most complete technical specs, and biggest scale”. Organizations adhering to the “creation specialization, product differentiation” company tips, process layout, solution processing, inside and external packaging, completed item shipping and delivery and domestic and international transportation are strictly in accordance with the ISO9001 high quality program normal standardized operation. The firm has always adhered to the principle of “endure by good quality, look for advantage by administration, and find improvement by provider”, strictly handle solution quality, enrich solution groups, and enhance soon after-sales support, which has received high praise from domestic and overseas customers. The business strives to construct brand name products. At present, ZheJiang Hangshuo HCSZ is favored by most national distributors for its standardization, unification and specialization.



Q : Why choose us ?
A: a.With qualifications of about ten years

b.Strict Inspection ,and the very best high quality cost with realistic price tag bearings supplied .

c.OEM provider provided.

d. Shipping and delivery products from our manufacturing facility warehouse , shipping time is quick .

e. Right after sale services at any time .

Q: What sort of bearing you producted ?

A:primary products are deep groove ball bearing , spherical roller bearings , tapered roller bearing ,thrust ball bearing ,other individuals could be special made for you .

Q:What brand you could offered ?
A: our brand is HCSZ, we also supply OEM services .

Q:Your item certifications ?
A: ISO 9001:2008 , ISO 9001:2000


Our service

♥1.Your inquiry will be reply within 2 several hours.

♥2.Quick supply,in 14 functioning days.

♥3.Packing: you will acquire a Excellent item with sturdy outside the house packing.

♥4.With superior 1st-stage amenities and testing tools,to insure no mistake on the dimension of the bearings.

♥5.No M.O.Q, Since we are manufacture.

♥6.24 hours on line,no constrained to discuss to us.

♥7.Return Coverage:We gladly acknowledge returns for product obtained in a 30 working day period of time, provided it is still in the authentic package deal, not used nor destroyed.

♥8.Guarantee Claims :The Warranty covers any Defect of the item for a period of 12 months. It does not go over objects that are not correctly mounted or in excess of tightened which may possibly cause untimely failure. Set up or any other fee’s are not refundable.


US $4.89-6.33
/ Piece
1 Piece

(Min. Order)


Aligning: Non-Aligning Bearing
Separated: Unseparated
Feature: High Precision, Small Torque, Low Noise
Rows Number: Single
Material: Bearing Steel
Application: Truck, Traction, Correction Equipment








P0 P6 P5 P4  




V1 , V2 , V3 , V4,




Z1, Z2, Z3, Z4



Cage material

Nylon , Steel ,  Brass


Carbon Steel,Chrome,Stainless Steel,Plastic,Ceramic


low voice,high speed,long life


ISO 9001:2008


Model NO. Length(mm) Width(mm) Thickness(mm) Weight(kg)
UCP201 127 38 60.7 0.760
UCP202 127 38 60.7 0.740
UCP203 127 38 60.7 0.720
UCP204 127 38 64 0.700
UCP205 140 38 69.5 0.760
UCP206 160 44 82 1.250
UCP207 167 48 92 1.550
UCP208 180 52 98 1.900
UCP209 189 54 106 2.200
UCP210 204 57 112 2.750
UCP211 217 60 125 3.300
UCP212 238 66 137 4.700
UCP213 262 70 149 5.600
UCP214 266 72 155 6.600
UCP215 274 74 162 7.300
UCP216 292 78 174 9.000
UCP217 310 83 186 10.80


Packaging Detail: 1.industrial packaging: plastic bag+kcraft paper+carton+plywood pallets; 
plastic tube+carton+plywood pallets 
2.commerical packaging: 1pc/plastic bag+color box+carton+plywood pallets 
3.as client’s requirement
Delivery Detail: 7-35 days
US $4.89-6.33
/ Piece
1 Piece

(Min. Order)


Aligning: Non-Aligning Bearing
Separated: Unseparated
Feature: High Precision, Small Torque, Low Noise
Rows Number: Single
Material: Bearing Steel
Application: Truck, Traction, Correction Equipment








P0 P6 P5 P4  




V1 , V2 , V3 , V4,




Z1, Z2, Z3, Z4



Cage material

Nylon , Steel ,  Brass


Carbon Steel,Chrome,Stainless Steel,Plastic,Ceramic


low voice,high speed,long life


ISO 9001:2008


Model NO. Length(mm) Width(mm) Thickness(mm) Weight(kg)
UCP201 127 38 60.7 0.760
UCP202 127 38 60.7 0.740
UCP203 127 38 60.7 0.720
UCP204 127 38 64 0.700
UCP205 140 38 69.5 0.760
UCP206 160 44 82 1.250
UCP207 167 48 92 1.550
UCP208 180 52 98 1.900
UCP209 189 54 106 2.200
UCP210 204 57 112 2.750
UCP211 217 60 125 3.300
UCP212 238 66 137 4.700
UCP213 262 70 149 5.600
UCP214 266 72 155 6.600
UCP215 274 74 162 7.300
UCP216 292 78 174 9.000
UCP217 310 83 186 10.80


Packaging Detail: 1.industrial packaging: plastic bag+kcraft paper+carton+plywood pallets; 
plastic tube+carton+plywood pallets 
2.commerical packaging: 1pc/plastic bag+color box+carton+plywood pallets 
3.as client’s requirement
Delivery Detail: 7-35 days

The Benefits of Using Self-Lubricating Bushings for Your Next Pivot

Like any other auto part, control arm bushings wear out over time. This results in an increase in irritating vibrations that can be dangerous in severe cases. The bushings in the control arms also wear out due to the stress that extreme driving conditions put on the control arms. Additionally, environmental factors and oversized tires tend to transmit more vibration through the bushing than conventionally sized tires. Whatever the cause, bushings can be the source of many problems.

wear and cracking

The main cause of dry valve side bushing cracking is a mismatch in thermal expansion of the core and flange. This situation can seriously compromise the safety of the power system. To improve the safety of dry valve side bushings, the crack development of epoxy impregnated paper under various conditions was investigated. A coupled thermomechanical simulation model was also used to study the cracking process.
The first step in diagnosing the cause of bushing wear and cracking is a visual inspection. The bushing of the lower control arm is fixed to the frame by a bracket. If there are any visible cracks, it’s time to replace the bushing. However, there is no need to replace the entire suspension. In some cases, worn bushings can cause a variety of problems, including body lean, excessive tire wear and cornering noise.

Maintenance free

If you’re considering maintenance-free bushings for your next pivot, you’ll be wondering what to look for in these components. The bushing protects the housing from corrosion and keeps the bushing under pressure. However, many users are not familiar with what these components can do for their applications. In this article, we’ll look at several examples of truly maintenance-free pivots and discuss their requirements.
One of the most popular types of maintenance-free bushings are flanged and parallel. Unlike worm gear bushings, these self-lubricating metal bearings are ideal for a variety of applications and conditions. They reduce failure and downtime costs while providing the long-term lubrication required by other types of bushings. Since these sleeves are made of lead-free material, they are RoHS compliant, which means they are environmentally friendly.Another common maintenance-free bushing is plastic. This material is easier to find off-the-shelf and relatively inexpensive to produce. However, it is not suitable for high load applications as it will crack under heavy loads and damage mating parts. Plastics can also deviate if the manufacturing process is imprecise. Plastic bushings can also crack when subjected to high loads.


When using a self-lubricating bushing, there is no need to apply grease to the bushing. Oily liquids tend to attract dirt and grit, which can wear away the graphite prematurely. By eliminating the need for regular lubrication, you will reduce equipment maintenance costs. This article will explore the benefits of self-lubricating bushings. You will love your kindness.
Self-lubricating bushings have a strong base material to withstand radial bearing pressure while providing shaft support at the contact surfaces. The material also has good fatigue properties and low friction motion. Self-lubricating bushings can be used in environments with high temperatures and aggressive media. These products can also withstand enormous pressure. When using self-lubricating bushings, it is important to select the correct material.
The main advantage of using self-lubricating bushings is ease of maintenance. They don’t require oil to run and are cheaper to buy. Their main benefit is that they can significantly reduce your machine running costs. These bearings do not require oiling operations, reducing maintenance costs. These bearings also offer a simplified mechanical design due to their thin walls and high load capacity. In addition, they reduce noise levels while maintaining excellent wear resistance. Plus, their materials are ROHS compliant, which means they don’t require oil.
Hydropower installations are another area where self-lubricating bushings have proven their advantages. They reduce maintenance costs, extend equipment life, and improve environmental benefits. For example, the Newfoundland Power Company uses self-lubricating bushings in the gates of its hydroelectric power plants. These self-lubricating bushings eliminate grease from entering waterways and tailraces. As a result, power companies are able to reduce maintenance and costs.

compared to cartilage in the human body

What is the difference between tendon, bone and cartilage? Human cartilage is composed of collagen and elastic fibers. In contrast, fibrocartilage contains more collagen than hyaline cartilage. Both cartilage types are composed of proteoglycans, which have a protein backbone and glycosaminoglycan side chains. These components work together to provide structure and flexibility to the cartilage.
Bone is a combination of living and dead cells embedded in a matrix. The outer hard layer of bone is dense bone, and the inner layer is spongy, containing bone marrow, blood vessels, nerves, etc. Bone contains both organic and inorganic substances, and this process of hardening of the matrix produces bone. On the other hand, cartilage consists of chondrocytes and a matrix composed of collagen and elastin fibers. Compared to bone, cartilage is yellow and contains elastic fibers.
Although bone and cartilage are structurally identical, cartilage is more flexible. It is mainly found in the joints and respiratory system and requires flexibility. Its ingredients include collagen and proteoglycans, which provide compression and abrasion resistance. Furthermore, connective tissue is composed of cells, fibers and matrix.
The basic substance of cartilage is chondroitin sulfate, which is derived from animals. Although cartilage grows more slowly than bone, its microstructure is less organized. There is a fibrous sheath covering the cartilage, called the perichondrium. The molecular composition of the ECM plays an important role in the function of cartilage. The collagen matrix is ​​important for cartilage remodeling and consists of changes in the collagen matrix.

Compared to metal-on-bone contact

Both metal-on-bone contact are known to cause a significant increase in the pressures in a joint. To compare the two, we first calculated the joint contact pressures in each model and compared them. The results of this study support previous research on this subject. The following sections discuss the benefits of both types of contact. They also outline some key differences between the two.

China UC215-48 UCP215-48 Ucf215-48 UCFL215-48 UCT215-48 Ucfc215-48 Koyo Hcsz Spherical Radial Ball Bearing/Pillow Block Bearing/Insert Bearings     bearing driverChina UC215-48 UCP215-48 Ucf215-48 UCFL215-48 UCT215-48 Ucfc215-48 Koyo Hcsz Spherical Radial Ball Bearing/Pillow Block Bearing/Insert Bearings     bearing driver
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China Professional 3/16″X11/16″X1/4″ Inch 1601 Open Radial Single Row Deep Groove Ball Bearing for Motor Pump Reducer Fan Gearbox Packaging Office Washing Machine Industry with Great quality

Merchandise Description

Manufacturing unit

Generation Workshop





Choosing the Correct Ball Bearing for Your Application

When selecting a Ball Bearing, there are numerous items to contemplate. These factors consist of: the size, lubricant type, presence of corrosive agents, stray electrical currents, and much more. It can be tough to decide on the correct sort, dimension, and type of ball bearing for your application. You should also meticulously determine the hundreds to establish the right measurement. Right here are some tips for selecting the right Ball Bearing for your application.


The solitary-row ball bearing is one particular of the most popular types of bearings. The inner and outer ring are designed with raceway grooves that are shaped somewhat bigger than the balls. This variety of bearing has a lower torque and can manage higher-velocity purposes with small electrical power reduction. The radial proportions of one-row ball bearings also vary, so it is possible to find 1 that fits your certain software. Apart from the over-described positive aspects, one-row ball bearings are also obtainable with different grease levels and are broadly relevant to purposes the place the area is restricted.
Single-row ball bearings are also named angular-speak to ball bearings. Simply because of their solitary-row design, they are not separable and can accommodate a large-pace, hefty-responsibility application. One-row angular-speak to ball bearings can only manage axial load in one particular course, and they should be set up in pairs for pure radial loads. Solitary-row ball bearings are a common sort of rolling bearings and can be utilised for a extensive assortment of programs.


The self-aligning ball bearing was invented by Sven Wingquist, a plant engineer for a textile firm in Sweden. Even though he was liable for producing creation as productive as achievable, he shortly recognized that the machinery he experienced in spot wasn’t working as efficiently as it could. Though ball bearings are excellent for decreasing friction, they were not flexible adequate to compensate for misalignments in the equipment.
Self-aligning ball bearings have two rows of balls and a frequent sphered raceway. The inner ring is curved and combines the two rows of balls into one particular cage. These bearings can tolerate shaft misalignment and compensate for static angular problems. They can be employed in basic woodworking machinery, ventilators, and conveying products. They are usually the desired option for apps exactly where shaft alignment is an concern.


A Ceramic ball bearing is a variety of high-overall performance bearing that is offered in the two total-ceramic and hybrid kinds. The primary distinctions among ceramic and steel ball bearings are their development, lubrication, and mobility. Large-quality ceramic ball bearings are tough, and they are excellent for corrosive and substantial-temperature applications. The substance utilised to produce these bearings helps stop electrolytic corrosion. They are also best for decreasing the friction and lubrication specifications.
Ceramic balls are tougher and significantly less brittle than metal balls, which provides them a higher degree of rigidity. Ceramics also have a increased hardness, with a hardness of Rc75-80 in contrast to Rc58-sixty four for metal balls. Their substantial compressive power is about 5 to 7 times better than metal. In addition, they have a extremely lower coefficient of friction, which makes it possible for them to spin at higher speeds and with less friction. This raises their lifespan and toughness, and decreases the energy necessary to turn cranks.


In contrast to standard bearings, steel balls have a comparatively uniform hardness. Carbon metal, for occasion, is 2.1% carbon by fat. In accordance to the American Iron and Metal Institute, copper material have to be no more than .40% and manganese content material ought to not be much more than 1.65 g/cm3. Soon after carbonizing, metal balls bear a method known as sizing, which improves their roundness geometry and hardness.
The primary variations amongst metal ball bearings and ceramic ball bearings can be traced to their distinct resources. Ceramic balls are made from zirconium dioxide or silicon nitride. Silicon nitride is tougher than steel and resists shocks. The consequence is increased pace and for a longer time support daily life. Polyoxymethylene acetal (PMMA) bearing balls are identified for their stiffness, energy, and tolerance, but are not as typical as metal ball bearings.


The most popular varieties of plastic ball bearings are manufactured of polypropylene or PTFE. These bearings are utilized in programs necessitating higher chemical resistance. Polypropylene is a structural polymer that offers superb bodily and chemical homes, which includes excellent resistance to natural and organic solvents and degreasing agents. Its lightweight, reduced humidity absorption charge, and excellent warmth resistance make it an excellent selection for large-temperature purposes. Even so, plastic bearings are not with out their drawbacks, particularly when running at quite high temperatures or underneath hefty masses.
In comparison to metallic bearings, plastic ball-bearings do not call for lubrication. They also are very corrosion-resistant, making them an outstanding selection for wash-down programs. They are also submit-, autoclave-, and gamma sterilizable. Numerous standard steel ball-bearings can’t handle the high temperatures of foods processing or swimming swimming pools. In addition to high temperature apps, plastic ball bearings are resistant to chemicals, including chlorine.


Plastic sliding bearings are molded bearings manufactured of engineering plastic. With self-lubricating modification technological innovation, these bearings can be created by injection molding of plastic beads. They are broadly employed in numerous industries this sort of as office equipment, health and automotive tools. In addition to plastic bearings, glass balls are utilized in a selection of other applications, including medical products. Glass ball bearings have superb corrosion resistance, excellent mechanical homes, and are electrically insulators.
Plastic ball bearings are created of all-plastic races and cages. These bearings are suited for purposes that are uncovered to acids and alkalis. Simply because they are less expensive than glass balls, plastic ball bearings are common in chemical-uncovered environments. Stainless steel balls are also resistant to heat and corrosion. But the main downside of plastic ball bearings is that they are not as sturdy as glass balls. So, if fat and sounds is your main issue, consider utilizing plastic balls as an alternative.


The worldwide miniature ball bearing marketplace is envisioned to get to US$ 2.39 Billion by 2027, at a CAGR of 7.2%. Development in the region is attributed to technological progression and govt initiatives. Countries this sort of as India and China are attracting FDIs and emphasizing the establishment of a world-wide manufacturing hub. This is boosting the marketplace for miniature ball bearings. The miniscule ball bearings are made in modest quantities and are quite small.
Some manufacturers create miniature ball bearings in different resources and types. Chrome steel is the most well-known materials for miniature ball bearings since of its higher load potential, low sound homes, and reduce price. But the value of stainless metal miniature bearings is lower, given that the quantity of steel utilized is nominal. Stainless steel miniature bearings are the smallest in dimension. Therefore, you can choose stainless steel mini ball bearings for higher-pace purposes.

Angular-speak to

Angular-contact ball bearings have 3 elements: a cage, internal ring, and balls. Angular-speak to ball bearings can assistance large axial and radial loads. A variety of design and production characteristics make angular-speak to ball bearings appropriate for a variety of programs. Some attributes of this bearing type consist of a specific lubricant, diverse cage resources, and diverse coatings.
The size of an angular-make contact with ball bearing is determined by the layout units: outer ring width, axial load, and radial load. Depending on the variety of software, an angular-speak to ball bearing may possibly be manufactured in double-row, triple-row, or quadruple-row configurations. Angular make contact with ball bearings can be categorised in accordance to their style models, which selection from metric to imperial. A increased ABEC number implies tighter tolerances. To decide the tolerance equal of a certain bearing, consult a normal Angular-get in touch with ball bearing table.
Angular-contact ball bearings feature high and reduced-shoulder configurations. They have two-dimensional races that accommodate axial and radial hundreds. They are available in self-retaining units with reliable interior and outer rings, and ball and cage assemblies. Cages manufactured of solid and wrought brass are the most common, but lightweight phenolic cages are also accessible. The latter is a much better decision due to the fact it will not soak up oil and has lower rolling friction.


When it comes to the construction of a ball bearing, substantial-quality uncooked supplies are a crucial component. These supplies not only influence the overall top quality of a ball bearing, but also influence the expense. Which is why you ought to spend close focus to raw substance quality. In addition to that, uncooked components must be tested several occasions ahead of the manufacturing method to ensure good quality. Go through on for some information about the different sorts of components employed to make ball bearings.
Steel is the most common materials for ball bearings. Most ball bearings include stainless metal balls, which are remarkably corrosion-resistant. They are also resistant to saltwater and alkalis. Even so, stainless steel balls are heavier than plastic types, and they are also magnetic, which may be a drawback in some applications. If you might be hunting for a metallic-cost-free option, glass balls are the way to go. They’re sturdy, lightweight, and resistant to a extensive variety of substances.

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How to Substitute a Bearing

If you want to select a bearing for a certain software, you ought to know a few fundamentals. This post will give you an overview of ball, angular get in touch with, and sliding-speak to bearings. You can select a bearing in accordance to the application dependent on the qualities of its material and preload. If you are not positive how to pick a bearing, try out experimenting with it. The next action is to recognize the Z-axis, which is the axes along which the bearing moves.

Z axis

When it arrives to replacing your Z axis bearing, there are several factors you have to know. Very first, you need to have to make positive that the bearings are seated appropriately. Then, you must examine the tension and rotation of every a single. To ensure that equally bearings are similarly tensioned, you should flex the Main to the wanted angle. This will maintain the Z axis perpendicular to the work area. To do this, first get rid of the Z axis bearing from its housing and insert it into the Z axis motor plate. Up coming, insert the flanged bearing into the Z axis motor plate and protected it with two M5x8mm button head cap screws.
Make sure that the bearing plate and the Z Coupler element are flush and have equivalent spacing. The spacing in between the two components is essential, as also much spacing will trigger the leadscrew to become tight. The screws ought to be very loose, with the exception of the kinds that engage the nylocks. Right after putting in the bearing, the next phase is to start the Z axis. After this is completed, you are going to be in a position to shift it close to with a stepper.

Angular get in touch with

Ball bearings are produced with angular contacts that consequence in an angle amongst the bearing’s races. While the axial load moves in 1 route via the bearing, the radial load follows a curved path, tending to independent the races axially. In order to minimize this frictional influence, angular make contact with bearings are made with the exact same speak to angle on the inner and outer races. The contact angle have to be picked to match the relative proportions of the axial and radial hundreds. Generally, a more substantial get in touch with angle supports a greater axial load, even though lowering radial load.
Ball bearings are the most widespread variety of angular contact bearings. Angular speak to ball bearings are employed in many programs, but their principal objective is in the spindle of a equipment device. These bearings are suitable for high-pace, precision rotation. Their radial load capability is proportional to the angular contact angle, so greater speak to angles have a tendency to enlarge with speed. Angular get in touch with ball bearings are obtainable in solitary and double-row configurations.
Angular speak to ball bearings are a great choice for programs that include axial masses and complex styles. These bearings have raceways on the internal and outer rings and mutual displacement alongside the axial axis. Their axial load bearing capacity increases as the speak to Angle a rises. Angular make contact with ball bearings can face up to masses up to 5 times their initial fat! For people who are new to bearings, there are numerous assets on the internet focused to the subject matter.
Even with their complexity, angular make contact with ball bearings are extremely versatile and can be utilised in a vast selection of purposes. Their angular get in touch with allows them to stand up to reasonable radial and thrust masses. Not like some other bearings, angular make contact with ball bearings can be positioned in tandem to reduce friction. They also feature a preload system that gets rid of surplus engage in whilst the bearing is in use.
Angular make contact with ball bearings are manufactured with distinct lubricants and cage materials. Regular cages for angular get in touch with ball bearings correspond to Table 1. Some are machined synthetic resins while other folks are molded polyamide. These cage resources are employed to even more improve the bearing’s axial load potential. More, angular get in touch with ball bearings can stand up to substantial speeds and radial hundreds. In comparison to radial speak to ball bearings, angular speak to ball bearings offer the finest versatility.

Ball bearings

Ball bearings are round buildings with two separate rings. The smaller sized ring is mounted on a shaft. The internal ring has a groove on the outer diameter that acts as a path for the balls. Equally the inner and outer ring surfaces are completed with really higher precision and tolerance. The outer ring is the round construction with the rolling aspects. These components can take several forms. The internal and outer races are generally created of metal or ceramic.
Silicon nitride ceramic balls have great corrosion resistance and lightweight, but are more expensive than aluminum oxide balls. They also show an insulating result and are self-lubricating. Silicon nitride is also suited for substantial-temperature environments. However, this kind of materials has the drawback of sporting out rapidly and is vulnerable to cracking and shattering, as is the scenario with bearing metal and glass. It is also considerably less resistant to warmth than aluminum oxide, so it is best to purchase aluminum nitride or ceramic ball bearings for apps that are subjected to extremely high temperatures.
Yet another variety of ball bearings is the thrust bearing. It has a specific layout that accommodates forces in each axial and radial instructions. It is also referred to as a bidirectional bearing because its races are aspect-by-aspect. Axial ball bearings use a facet-by-aspect style, and axial balls are utilised when the masses are transmitted through the wheel. Nevertheless, they have very poor axial assistance and are prone to separating in the course of hefty radial hundreds.
The simple notion powering ball bearings is to reduce friction. By reducing friction, you will be ready to transfer a lot more energy, have significantly less erosion, and boost the daily life of your machine. With present day advances in engineering, ball bearings can execute greater than ever ahead of. From iron to metal to plastics, the supplies utilized in bearings have enhanced significantly. Bearings might also include an electromagnetic subject. So, it is greatest to select the right 1 for your equipment.
The existence expectancy of ball bearings is dependent on numerous elements, which includes the working speed, lubrication, and temperature. A solitary million-rpm ball bearing can handle among a single and 5 million rotations. As long as its floor make contact with location is as little as achievable, it really is likely to be serviceable for at the very least one particular million rotations. Nevertheless, the common lifespan of ball bearings relies upon on the application and working problems. Thankfully, most bearings can manage a million or a lot more rotations before they begin displaying symptoms of tiredness.

Sliding-contact bearings

The fundamental principle guiding sliding-speak to bearings is that two surfaces transfer in speak to with one particular an additional. This type of bearing performs ideal in circumstances in which the surfaces are made of dissimilar resources. For instance, a metal shaft shouldn’t operate in a bronze-lined bore, or vice versa. Rather, a single element must be more difficult than the other, because dress in would focus in that location. In addition, abrasive particles are likely to power them selves into the softer surface, leading to a groove to dress in in that portion.
Sliding-make contact with bearings have low coefficients of friction and are generally used in reduced-velocity purposes. Not like ball and roller bearings, sliding speak to bearings have to be lubricated on both sides of the contacting surfaces to minimize wear and tear. Sliding-make contact with bearings usually are made of ceramics, brass, and polymers. Since of their reduce friction, they are significantly less correct than rolling-aspect bearings.
Sliding-make contact with bearings are also known as simple or sleeve bearings. They have a sliding movement amongst their two surfaces, which is reduced by lubrication. This type of bearing is typically used in rotary programs and as guide mechanisms. In addition to supplying sliding motion, sliding-contact bearings are self-lubricating and have substantial load-carrying capacities. They are normally accessible in two different kinds: basic bearings and thrust bearings.
Sliding-get in touch with linear bearing methods consist of a shifting structure (called the carriage or slide) and the surfaces on which the two elements slide. The surfaces on which the bearing and journal go are known as rails, approaches, or guides. A bore hole is a sophisticated geometry, and a bare minimum oil film thickness h0 is typically employed at the line of facilities. It is achievable to have a sliding-speak to bearing in a pillow block.
Simply because these bearings are porous, they can soak up 15 to 30% of the lubrication oil. This content is commonly used in auto and equipment tools. Numerous non-metallic resources are used as bearings. A single instance is rubber, which gives outstanding shock absorbency and embeddability. Whilst rubber has poor power and thermal conductivity, it is frequently utilised in deep-nicely pumps and centrifugal pumps. This content has high impact toughness, but is not as rigid as metal.

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